Public-Purpose Utilities for the Future of Learning

In a time of increasing polarization nationally and unprecedented shifts in the division of labor between humans and machines, LearnerStudio explores the concept of education as both an “individual good” (i.e., for individual learners and families) and a “public good” (i.e., for society, our economy, and our democracy) and addresses the infrastructure needed to bring this new vision into reality for all students. LearnerStudio has coined the term “public-purpose utilities” to describe the necessary utilities needed to equitably serve both individual learners and the public good.

Given the complexity and importance of this moment, LearnerStudio lifts the critical need to define the right goals, identify design questions, and bring together cross-disciplinary resources from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to effectively – and equitably – meet the moment of system redesign. Download the full report to learn more and continue the conversation about this critical provocation. 

Thanks to the support of Siegel Family Endowment for their support of this collaborative learning project and report. 

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