Building the Future of Learning:
Funding Opportunities for a New Paradigm

If we are to prepare students for the complexity of the future, then it’s time for a big change. To get there, we need philanthropy to fund differently. We must build together a future-ready education ecosystem that will ensure each learner has access to the support and guidance of a robust community in which they are known, connected, engaged, and have agency to define their own path, and pursue their goals. Building the Future of Learning provides a series of ever-bolder steps, to move collaboratively, in a concerted way, toward enhancing, propelling and unleashing a new paradigm for all students, not just a lucky few. Authors Kim Smith of LearnerStudio and Jen Holleran of Holleran Impact Advisors provide a road map for philanthropists to help accelerate our progress toward a future-ready learning ecosystem.

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